Deaf & Dumb

by Shit & Cheap



Neil Landstrumm and long term collaborator Mat Consume the belligerent can't pay the rent.

Old (school) boys too old to be rent boys return on the firm foundations of 2012's Gotterdamerung ep on Shipwrec records with a more bangers and mash of 3 tracks of non amen - mayhem. Going across the harder dance floor genres like UKIP through Essex in as much that you'll want to shit yourself and throw up the A1 'Rat Crew' is a dose of UK electro with consume spitting enunciation akin to kicking in your back alley gate and going through your bin (any old iron??? any any any OLD IRON ! ) whereas 'Eh Aye' is dyslexic as it gets assisted by vicious pink's 808 dropped from a considerable height. Cheap clearly thinks Shit is a cock.

Like the previous EP's there's a cover track as shit and cheap clearly have no talent of their own.

Frankie Goes to Hollywood's "Relax" is given a deadpan south london drawl and psychobilly disco slant . Hit me with those laser beams. All in all it's fucking shit and cheap mate, deaf and dumb. Fuck the Queen, fuck the Tories, fuck you all.


released November 3, 2014



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